Take a space-based view to explore the geology, ecology and cultural history of these sites within the National Park System.

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Imagine standing in any national park. Underneath your feet lies a surprisingly dynamic geological history. All around you are geological processes in action. We can use satellite imagery to observe some of the geological processes at work and to make inferences about how a particular landscape was formed. Take a space-based view of the geological stories of these national parks.

Ecology is the study of the relationship of organisms to one another and with their environment. The U.S. National Park System protects many different kinds of ecosystems and all national parks strive to conserve the ecological processes at work within their boundaries. Combining our ground-based views with the bigger picture we get from space can enhance our understanding of the interactions at play in these systems. Take a space-based view of the ecological stories of these national parks.

The human relationship with Earth is an intimate one. The National Park System is tangible evidence of this connection. We have acted voluntarily to set aside these areas for preservation and learning and enjoyment for all. Many national parks were established to conserve the cultural history of our country. The history of each park inevitably includes interesting human stories, both modern and ancient in origin. The expansive perspective afforded by a view from space can provide context for these human stories. Explore the cultural history collection of Earth Observatory articles and images to learn more about the human connection to national parks and monuments.