Who We Are

A diverse set of professional educators, communicators, and scientists devoted to leveraging earth observation resources to better understand our home planet. We are led by a talented board of directors with broad experience.


Nancy Colleton


Nancy Colleton, President

Communicator. Entrepreneur. Strategic thinker. Nancy Colleton’s career reflects a love of the Earth, nature, and the outdoors, coupled with a passion for business and technology—specifically space technologies that help us better see and understand the changing planet. She engages senior-level government, industry, and NGO representatives to forge new approaches and partnerships in response to today’s critical challenges. Nancy has also been at the forefront of progressing Earth observations for environmental intelligence and information.


Andrew Clark

EO Research and Data Analyst

Andrew Clark, EO Research and Data Analyst

An engineer by training and roving poet-scientist by nature, Andrew follows his nose to the most fascinating science and scenery. When he is not at his computer you’re likely to find him in the field, turning over tundra as an ecologist or inspecting lichen on his way to the summit as a mountaineering guide


Cassie Soeffing

Senior Science Educator

Cassie Soeffing, Senior Science Educator

Cassie is an expert in inquiry-based learning and employing geospatial technologies in K-12 education, undergraduate, graduate and professional development programs. In addition to 27 years as a science educator at all levels, she also served as a prestigious Einstein Fellow, working along side NASA scientists to help deliver new discoveries and cutting-edge science to educators and the public. This extensive experience enables Cassie to understand the opportunities and challenges of today’s K-12 classroom and how initiatives such as the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) can be best introduced.


Theresa Schwerin

Vice President

Theresa Schwerin, Vice President

Few people know the history and breadth of NASA Earth science education as well as Theresa Schwerin. With more than 25 years devoted to advancing the use of NASA Earth science in classrooms and out-of-school, Theresa has an eye for innovation and a knack for creating partnerships and leveraging investment. She currently leads the NASA Earth Science Education Collaborative (NESEC) and is eager to work with government and academic partners benefiting formal and informal science education.


Liz Burck

Senior Science Educator

Liz Burck, Senior Science Educator

A former middle school, high school, and college science instructor, Liz has excellent insights to teachers, students, and what it takes to deliver successful science education. A prestigious Einstein Fellow, who at one point managed the Einstein Fellowship Program, Liz worked along side NASA scientists at Goddard Space Flight Center to help deliver new discoveries and cutting-edge science to educators and the public. She continues to build upon this expertise today while contributing to numerous education projects at IGES.


Renée Codsi

Deputy Field Director

Renée Codsi, Deputy Field Director

Renée is a scientist and professor examining the nexus of biology, ecosystems, and societies. She’s dedicated to creating solutions to foster capacity in marginalized communities engaged in the advancing of climate justice. Since 2003, Renee has been working with the GLOBE Program as a Master Trainer in Asia, Europe and Latin America and today leverages that experience at IGES as part of the Combatting Zika USAID Grand Challenge for Development Project.


Rusty Low

Senior Scientist

Rusty Low, Senior Scientist

Dr. Rusanne Low is the epitome of the modern Earth scientist. She’s not only a leader in geoscience education, but she works at the forefront of citizen science and its application for vector-borne diseases such as Zika. Working through NASA, NSF, and USAID projects in Brazil and Peru, Rusty is demonstrating how educators, students, public health officials, citizens and even space scientists can work together to identify mosquito larvae and develop critical mitigation strategies to reduce the outbreak of Zika.


John Ensworth

Senior Science Educator

John Ensworth, Senior Science Educator

An astronomer and meteorologist by training, John Ensworth spends a lot of time looking to the sky and stars. This passion for the planets including our home planet, Earth, comes in handy when John conducts his work as a NASA PI for the NASA SMD Independent Education Product Review. John helps to ensure that the highest scientific and academic rigor are reflected in these education products that reach schools, museums, and homes across the country.


Nikki Rogers


Nikki Rogers, Accountant

Nikki Rogers is responsible for IGES’ accounting efforts. Her experience includes working with all aspects of the accounting cycle with a specialization in small business operations, including the general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll.