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Mapping Our World

NASA satellites have been mapping Earth for over 40 years. These global observations of the atmosphere, biosphere, land surface, solid Earth, and ocean enable an improved understanding of the Earth as an integrated system. The images above feature data from over a dozen Earth observation missions.
About this Interactive
This interactive visualization allows you to explore data sets from over a dozen NASA Earth science missions for 25 unique views of our world.

The artwork on the main page was developed for the NASA Earth Science Week 2013 Mapping Our World poster (available for download at the Educational Resources section of this website). It features data from over a dozen NASA Earth observation missions. These data were projected as a stereographic pair and interesting features selected from each data set to form a unique mosaic-like pattern of our world. The artwork was created by Ginger Butcher, Aura mission education and public outreach lead, and Jesse Allen, visualization specialist for NASA’s Earth Observatory, both with Sigma Space Corporation at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.
Developed by:
  • Laura Delgado López and Theresa Schwerin, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
  • Ginger Butcher, Sigma Space Corp./NASA Goddard
  • Jesse Allen, Sigma Space Corp./NASA Earth Observatory
  • Insight Designs Web Solutions, LLC
Special thanks to:
  • Jeannie Allen, Sigma Space Corp./NASA Goddard
  • Katie Bethea, SSAI/NASA Langley
  • Eric Brown de Colstoun, NASA Goddard
  • Liz Burck, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
  • Susan Callery, NASA JPL
  • Brian Campbell, Sigma Space Corp./NASA Wallops
  • Valerie Casasanto, IMBC Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology/ NASA Goddard
  • Lin Chambers, NASA Langley
  • Bradford Davey, TLC, Inc.
  • Hilarie Davis, Technology for Learning Consortium, Inc.
  • Annette deCharon, University of Maine
  • Trena Ferrell, NASA Goddard
  • Steven Graham, Global Science & Technology Inc./NASA Goddard
  • Randal Jackson, NASA JPL
  • Rusty Low, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
  • Claire Parkinson, NASA Goddard
  • Holli Riebeek, Sigma Space Corp./NASA Goddard
  • Cassie Soeffing, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
  • Jessica Taylor, NASA Langley
  • Laura Tenenbaum, NASA JPL
  • Kevin Ward, NASA Earth Observatory
  • Heather Weir, SSAI/ NASA Goddard
  • Morgan Woroner, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies