Approaches for Public-Private Engagement

Government as well as private sector capabilities will be needed to meet the growing demand for climate information.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has initiated discussions with the private sector to better understand how it can contribute to structuring a Climate Service Enterprise (CSE). Of particular interest is the debate over how the public and private sector will interact in the provision of these services.

Building upon previous work in this area, IGES analyzed recent developments on public-private engagement and conducted a series of interviews with key NOAA/National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) officials and private sector representatives to gain additional insights on how NOAA might move forward with the CSE.

The results of this assessment are captured in Climate Services and Approaches for Public-Private Engagement. This report includes the following conclusions that will be critical for NOAA to continue advancing this effort:

  • Consider the similarities and differences between climate and weather services.
  • Derive specific lessons that can be applied from the Weather Enterprise experience and recognize that some aspects of the CSE may evolve in a different direction.
  • Identify how the Enterprise can address critical education and communication issues, specifically:
    • Lack of public understanding about climate – Climate may require a different strategy when it comes to communicating needs and benefits. The private sector, academia (including social scientists) can play a larger role in fostering awareness.
    • Lack of user education about climate services – User education requires particular emphasis, both from public and private sector providers of data and services.
  • Advance Open Weather and Climate Services (OWCS) concept to improve private sector access to NOAA data.
  • Develop attribution guidelines that help communicate NOAA’s critical role as a foundation of the overall Enterprise. 
  • Continue to engage the private sector. Open participation between the partners will be key moving forward.

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