Communication & Outreach

Through various activities, IGES works to inform and inspire students and teachers in the areas of Earth and space science.


IGES-Produced Reading Lists

IGES regularly creates themed reading lists to introduce students of all ages to new works about the environment, careers, and other science-related topics. Check out the previous lists by clicking on the links below:

Student and Educator Articles on the NASA portal

Together, IGES and NASA’s Science Education Program serve as a model for NASA programs looking to establish a strong and effective presence on the NASA Portal ( IGES developed news and feature articles for the NASA portal. These articles, geared toward students and educators of varying grade levels, explain NASA science topics and highlight NASA-supported educational materials, programs and themes in Earth and space science.

As part of this work, IGES developed and wrote articles for the NASA Earth Explorer Series and the NASA Space Science Explorer Series, which feature teachers and scientists with a variety of backgrounds and interests, all with a connection to NASA. Many articles are written in three different versions, one for each of three reading levels — Students K-4, Students 5-8, and Students 9-12 and up.

Visit the Earth and Space Science Portal Articles Index to view all IGES-produced NASA articles, including articles of the Earth and Space Science Explorers series.

Click on the thumbnail to download the NASA Earth and Space Science Explorers poster!