Nancy Colleton


Nancy Colleton is an internationally known and respected leader in environmental communication and information. As the president of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) she leads numerous initiatives that promote better understanding of the changing planet.

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Theresa Schwerin

Vice President, Education

Theresa Schwerin is a founding officer of IGES, with over 20 years of experience in the areas of science applications and education, communication, and information science. She leads IGES education initiatives, particularly the NASA Earth Science Education and Public Outreach Forum, IGES science contests for students, the Earth System Science Education Alliance (ESSEA), a NOAA Environmental Literacy project, NASA Earth and Space Science Product Review, and a variety of NASA professional development and communication activities.

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John Ensworth

Senior Science Education Specialist

John Ensworth, who has been with IGES since 2004, brings forth a solid a background in science and education. His work focuses on coordinating the NASA Earth & Space Science Education Product Review and conducting online training workshops for NASA educators.

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Russanne Low

Senior Earth Scientist for Education and Public Outreach

Rusty Low, a national leader in geoscience education, joined the IGES team in 2009. As the Higher Education Working Group Lead for the NASA Earth Science Education and Public Outreach Forum, Dr. Low’s work focuses on geosciences education and outreach. She is currently engaged in several climate change research and education projects on the African continent and in the United States.

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Cassandra Soeffing

Senior Science Educator

Cassie Soeffing has been with IGES since 2009 as primary lead for the NASA Earth Science Education and Public Outreach Forum’s work in K-12 education, which includes product analysis, professional development and conferences.

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Andrew Clark

EO Research and Data Analyst

Andrew Clark joined IGES in January 2014 as a research analyst, bringing environmental science, remote sensing, research, and writing skills to the organization.

Mr. Clark is currently involved in website development and data analysis in support of GLOBE Observer citizen science.

With a particular focus on story and message development, Mr. Clark previously supported the development of a NASA-funded publication presented at the 2014 World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia.

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Liz Burck

Senior Science Education Specialist

Liz Burck serves as a Senior Science Education Specialist with IGES, focusing primarily on K-12 education through the NASA Earth Science Education and Public Outreach Forum.

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Nikki Rogers


A graduate of New Hampshire’s Franklin Pierce University with a major in management, Nikki Rogers is responsible for IGES’ accounting efforts.  Her experience includes working with all aspects of the accounting cycle with a specialization in small business operations, including the general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll.  Nikki brings more than 15 years of experience in accounting and a genuine enjoyment of working with numbers (except when it comes to tallying up inches of snow in the Boston area).

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